Kids Fitness

Kids fitness classes are 50 minutes and designed for children age 10-17. Classes begin with a dynamic warm-up, some mobility exercises. Some classes are geared more towards strength training. These classes work on body weight exercises with some light weights, kettlebells, TRX, etc. and stress good form and encourage children to get stronger and build confidence. Some nutrition suggestions are included. Another class is ZUMBA with some core work. This is a very high energy, sweat producing calorie burner perfect for all levels even those with two left feet. Routines include the most popular songs on the radio and kids usually sing along. These end with core exercises that work on toning, flexibility, functionality, balance and kids instantly start to see results. The other classes are a combination of high intensity cardio with activities like boxing, battle ropes, agility ladders, relays, and some yoga and pilates work. All classes are appropriate for all levels. 


Please contact me for rate, schedule and package options