• I started working with Stefanie just two months before my wedding. I was looking for fast results to tone my back and arms to look perfect in my wedding dress, and that is exactly what she did for me! Stefanie is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She motivates me to push past my limits to get results with exercise routines that are individualized and challenging, but not more than I can handle. Thank you, Stefanie. You're the best!
  • Stefanie has the unique ability of engaging her fitness clients at personally motivating and professionally instructive levels. She is truly dedicated to personalizing your program to meet your fitness objectives while allowing you to balance other work/life commitments, which can often interfere with fitness programs. Her holistic approach to fitness is engaging and truly motivating. Stefanie not only guides and motivates you through your fitness program; her contributions contribute to leading a more balanced and healthier life style outside of the fitness center.
  • If you live in New York City and want to work with an amazing trainer, Stefanie Rosenblum is the absolute best. I saw results fast (I swear I had tricep definition after one session)!! Stefanie not only is a great person, but she truly cares about her clients and getting them the results they want. Each day training with Stefanie is different. The workouts are constantly changing so I am never bored and each day brings my body and mind a new challenge and chance for success. I have become a gym and training junkie and it is all thanks to you, Stef! Thank you for helping me achieve my goals, not letting me complain and give excuses, putting up with my relentless swearing and potty mouth during the intense workouts and lastly, for making me feel amazing about myself and my body! You are amazing. Thank you so much for helping me with my diet. I LOVE the IsaLean shakes! They keep me full and are a great meal replacement. Most protein shakes that I have tried still leave me hungry but with IsaLean I am full, satisfied and amazingly craving-free!
  • I really can’t thank you enough for all your hard work helping me to feel and look beautiful for the big day. Working out with you has been one of the best parts in preparing for the wedding. I always look forward to our workouts together. You are the best and most kindhearted trainer.
  • Although I was a fairly active person I had never gone to the gym in my life. Stefanie made me feel totally comfortable in what was a foreign setting for me. She also worked the heck out of me and I learned a lot about what it means to really work out! Lastly, I learned a lot from her about how to work out different parts of your body to avoid selective over/under development. Oh, and did I mention that even in the midst of the cruelest workout she can make you smile?
  • "I have had an amazing experience with this class. I have gotten so much stronger physically and definitely mentally. Stefanie is always cheering you on and encouraging you to give it your all. Thanks to this class, I feel so much better and see so much improvement with myself."